4 Canister Stoves Under 4 Ounces & Under $40

lightweight canister backpacking stoves for cheap

Yeah, you read that right, 4 of them! This goes to show that if you want a lightweight stove for backpacking and you don’t want to (excuse the pun here) dish out an arm and a leg for it; no problem. All of these backpacking stoves work interchangeably with most canisters on the market. They’re all super lightweight and can fit in the palm of your hand. Sure, these aren’t the best if solution if you’re setting up a base camp for 6 people in 3 feet of snow in 15 degree weather; but for solo backpacker, the couple, or the small family trying to save on weight these stoves are for you.

Each stove has slightly different features, each is made by an entirely different company, and each stove has a slightly different design. Other than that, these stoves are all very similar. There may be some slight differences on output power, or burn time, or whether or not they come with a storage bag. Check out some reviews at the respective sites and order the one that will be the best for your needs. Here are the links:

Primus Express Stove – $34.45
Only 2.9 oz and it’s 30% off the regular price of $49.00. Go check out this sweet deal at MoonTrail!

Optimus Crux Canister Fuel Stove – $39.96
3.3 oz and extremely small in size, made to pack up small and nestle beneath a fuel canister. Despite it’s size, the stove is solid and durable. Check out this 20% off deal at Camp Saver.

MSR Pocket Rocket Stove – $39.95
Compact size, reinforced pot supports, and a focused burner head make this lightweight stove one of the best selling on the market for years running. It weighs only 3 oz and is only $39.95 regular price. We recommend buying this stove from Backcountry.com for great online ordering service and their 100% guarantee no questions asked unlimited return policy. You just can’t beat it.

Snow Peak Giga Power Manual Stove – $39.95
At only 3.25 oz and a regular price of $39.95 this is another great stove to consider. With the highest BTU output out of the 4 stoves we’ve listed, this may be the best overall value. You can boil a liter of water with this baby in only 3 minutes. Check out this great stove at US Outdoor.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these stoves! Figure out what style you think will work the best for your needs and go for it. There are multiple stores that sell each of these stoves, but we’ve tried to highlight the best deals out there so you don’t have to spend your time looking around to save a few bucks. Instead you can spend your time in the outdoors looking for bucks.

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