Garmin Edge 200 GPS Cycling Computer

garmin gps edge 200 cycle computer

I just picked up a Garmin Edge 200 GPS Cycling Computer at REI with free shipping! I’ll get a review up here after I put a few miles on it. But so far, with only a few rides recorded on it, I’m really impressed! Uploads to Strava really easy and records all of my important data plus shows real-time speed, time, average speed, and elevation gain all through GPS with no wheel magnets or anything to attach. The Garmin Edge 200 GPS unit is small but easy to read while riding the bike. The battery life I can already tell will last for a really long time, great for century rides! It was easy to mount and came with two bike mounts, that’s a bonus, especially since you don’t need a magnet or anything so you can use the device with two bikes. And, so far the data has been super accurate, way better than using Strava on my iPhone 5S.

garmin edge 200 gps bike computer wireless

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