REVIEW: Manfrotto KLYP+ Case and Set of 3 Lenses for iPhone 5/5S

Pretty excited to review the Manfrotto KLYP+ Case and Lenses for iPhone 5/5S! It’s been a while since my last blog post and I must admit that life has gotten in the way, probably a good thing, of my adventures. Things have been really busy with my photography and I can’t be happier with where life is at the moment!

So, for this set of lenses and tripod mount from Manfrotto. I love this setup! I absolutely love it! I’m so happy with the images these lenses produce and I’m really fond of the tripod mount. You can attach your iPhone to almost any tripod mount out there, from big professional ones to small gorilla pods and everything in between. I can’t wait to use these lenses backpacking, since they’re so light and small, compared to my more professional gear. I’ve been getting into timelapse photography lately with my iPhone and the tripod mount is a must for that. Really excited to shoot some timelapses while hiking or camping in some remote locations.

Here are a few images I’ve captured with this system so far. The quality is great!

manfrotto klyp lenses

manfrotto lenses iphone

And, here is what the system looks like all together. Perfection.

manfrotto klyp tripod mount for iphone 5 5S

iphoneography for outdoors adventures and backpacking

We recommend purchasing these lenses from B&H. Here are the links if you want to give us some credit on the sale:

Manfrotto KLYP+ Case for iPhone 5/5S
Manfrotto Lenses for iPhone 5/5S – Set of 3

For a more in-depth review, check out my photography website:

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