REVIEW: Keen Gypsum Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Before I let you know what I think about these boots, I thought it best to let you know what I use them for. I generally wear these boots for three main purposes:

– hiking/backpacking
– working outdoors in wet conditions
– outdoor photography during the wetter months of the year

Many of you know that I am a professional photographer (feel free to check out my photography work at My day job often includes tasks like walking through overgrown fields to photograph an adorable couple, exploring old abandoned buildings during a portrait session, etc. I use these boots during many of the photo shoots I do in less than ideal weather conditions.

I also wear them while working around the house/property in the Spring and Fall. Oregon is kind of a bummer if you’re a fan of dry weather. We just don’t get very much of it around here.

And lastly, I wear these boots while hiking and backpacking. That is probably the most obvious use but I definitely wanted to point out that these boots are not not just for the trails.

Here’s my honest opinion on the Keen Gypsum Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot and what I like/dislike about these boots.

First, they are waterproof up to the top of the tongue and I have had no trouble with them leaking. No trouble at all. I’ve tested them by standing in water that covers the top of my feet, for a long time, and my feet “magically” don’t get wet. Walking through puddles, no problem. Crossing shallow creeks on a hike, no problem. Filling your water purification system in a lake, no problem. I love having dry feet.

Next, the comfort. They’re super supportive, yet fairly cushy. I’ve hiked miles and miles in these things and felt great. I’ve worn them 10+ hours photographing an outdoor country wedding and felt great.

Another thing I love about these boots, which, granted is probably not a high selling super important characteristic; is that they are really easy going on and coming off. Makes things really nice if you need to get out of the tent in the middle of the night or something. I tuck the laces into the boot and slip them on to go outside at home. Inclement weather but needing to take the garbage out, getting the mail in your pajamas, all that good stuff.

Something I want to point out too is the width; Keen’s tend to run a bit wide in general. These boots fit me really well, but I do have decently wide feet. If you have narrow feet, this probably isn’t the boot for you. Mid to wide and you’re in business.

My pair has held up really well, however they have developed a small squeak in the left heel. Not too bad but it brings them out of the equation for hunting trips. Something to consider.

All in all, I’m very happy with my purchase. These boots usually run about $140 but right now you can get them for less than $120 at or $84 for the women’s version.


  1. Good review. I also have wide feet and may try these next.


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