REVIEW: Mountain Hardware LightWedge 3 Tent

At just over 6lbs and less than $200, I had to make this purchase. I bought the Mountain Hardware LightWedge 3 for an overnight trip to Indigo Lake. I must say I have not been disappointed! Here are a few things I like about this tent, based on my experience using it.

Two pole construction. Obviously cuts down on weight, however, the main reason I’m a big fan of this is because it keeps things simple. It’s so easy to pack, store, and prep for a trip. Everything is super condensed and you only have a few pieces to keep track of. This tent is a wedge so it narrows at the foot box and gives you a bit more room at the entrance. The pole design is very efficient and stays sturdy while keeping the weight as minimal as possible.

This tent has a great vestibule. It’s the perfect amount of room to get geared up in, or store a couple of packs, or make coffee in while laying in the tent. Don’t do that though, you might catch the thing on fire.

Weather protection. My first trip with this tent was in some 50mph+ winds coming off a high alpine lake. The wind seriously howled that first night! In the tent though, it was perfectly calm. The other people in our group had a teepee style tent with a small opening at the bottom and dirt/sand was blowing into their tent the entire night. Us, nothing. This tent has been tested in a rain room with 1200″ of rain in 24 hours and it didn’t leak (not by me of course, by Mountain Hardware). I’m thinking I’ll never top that!

The gear loft is perfect on this tent. It’s a great size and conveniently located above the entrance (where your head would be while sleeping). It has a surprising amount of room within a fairly small, compact space. You’re not going to get your pack up there, but a few supplies, camera, food, headlamps, etc. and you’ve got what you need with easy access.

Perfect amount of room. We’ve only used this tent with two adults, a child, and an 85lb dog; but it would accommodate three closely acquainted individuals quite nicely. I like the length too. I’m 6’2″ and it’s just right. My feet don’t feel crammed and my head isn’t pushed against the door. You know, the way it should be.

Overall, I’m really happy with my purchase. If you’re considering buying this regular price there may be some better options; however, at under $200 I can’t recommend a better 3 person 3 season tent out there. CampSaver has the Mountain Hardware LightWedge 3 for $170 right now, go get it.


  1. great recap – thanks

  2. Hey- don’t dis your other people’s tipi tent- not cool ;^)
    We had a great time on the trip- even though it was true that we were inhaling pumice dust the whole night in those high winds. While your tent had no problem with it. That Mountain Hardware tent is a very nice tent. Looking forward to more adventures; and nicely done review!

    • Haha, nice! Not dissing the tipi tent at all, that thing is really cool, just very glad we didn’t get as acquainted with the sand as you did on that trip! I’m very excited to do a snow overnighter or a float-camp trip soon!


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