REVIEW: North Face Cat’s Meow 20 Degree Sleeping Bag

I wanted to review this bag quite a while back but never got to it for some reason. Right away, I loved this sleeping bag! Besides all the regular stuff and what you can find by looking at the bag specs, here is what I like about it:

north face 20 degree synthetic sleeping bag long cats meow

Versatility: This may be one of the most important things about most sleeping bags but nobody ever mentions it. Can I use this bag in various conditions? When it’s 29 degrees? When it’s 42 degrees? If I’m on a trip with varying elevation and varying temperatures? I can’t answer everything for every circumstance, but I will say this bag is quite versatile! I’ve slept in it on nights below freezing, I’ve slept in it in the spare bedroom at home. I’ve used it on backpacking trips, car camping, overnight float trips, and lounging around. I had one night where it was too warm, but that was camping on the river in September with a low of 55 degrees. Easy fix though, just opened the side and kept my feet out.

north face cats meow glow in the dark zipper pull

Glow in the dark zipper pull: Yeah, stoked! Easy to use and easy to find in the dark, and that’s usually where you’ll find yourself sleeping. Also, the zipper doesn’t catch nearly as much as some other bags I’ve used.

Lightweight & Packable: That should go without saying, however, I wanted to give it a quick mention here. I pack mine with my tent in a large Alps Compression Bag easily. Also, happy to carry a synthetic 20 degree bag in a long, under 3 lbs.

You can get the North Face Cat’s Meow 20 Degree Sleeping Bag on sale at the following locations:
US Outdoor Store ($132.30)
Moosejaw ($159.99)

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